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March 2016

30 Mar

Plait me please…

'Dutch braids', 'boxer braids' 'Dutch Plait' Whatever you want to call the latest Kardashian inspired trend, is not only cute but it looks very chic, considering the last time I wore this hairstyle, I was 8 years old and it was probably used to keep my hair out my face in the swimming pool. We have seen Kim K, Chloe K, Katy Perry sporting these boxer braids of late...
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30 Mar

In the desert…

This was a really fun day spent shooting desert fashion, styling and makeup'ing on a beautiful beach in Dunbar.  We couldn't have asked for better weather and were so lucky as it had been non stop rain in the run up to the shoot, the sun definitely had his hat on this day.  The shoot was for designer Elizabeth Martin Tweed aimed at showcasing her AW16 collection.  Here's what Elizabeth has to say about her brand- "As a woman, there is no better feeling than slipping on a simple but expertly cut garment that inspires immediate confidence.  This kind of timeless versatility in classic, neutral and tonal colours, is the staple of the Elizabeth Martin collection" Makeup was all about radiant skin...
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