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30 Mar

Plait me please…


‘Dutch braids’, ‘boxer braids’ ‘Dutch Plait’

Whatever you want to call the latest Kardashian inspired trend, is not only cute but it looks very chic, considering the last time I wore this hairstyle, I was 8 years old and it was probably used to keep my hair out my face in the swimming pool.

We have seen Kim K, Chloe K, Katy Perry sporting these boxer braids of late…

Would it suit everyone? Perhaps not. I am never keen on having my hair scraped to my head, I have a long face & I feel these styles accentuate this, I prefer a softer look. However, I would still be willing to give it a go & see whether it looks good.



If you don’t feel brave enough to go for a full boxer braid & you prefer a softer ‘English rose’ type of look.

I would suggest trying different variations of a fishtail plait. With this softer plait you can do a variety of styles both up and down and side plaits that look adorable.

Ok, so unexpectedly, I like the boxer braid, I love seeing it on other people, I haven’t tried it on myself but I haven’t got the slightest idea how to do a dutch braid.

So as luck would have it, if I ever want to achieve this hair style, I could always ask my mum.



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