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1 Apr

Learn to love your freckles..


I am always a bit disappointed that not everyone embraces their natural beauty, freckles are beautiful.

They make you unique, they are youthful and so many people try to cover them up with heavy foundation. Try to embrace your freckles this spring, use a lighter foundation and if you aren’t blessed with natural freckles you can imitate them using a eyebrow pencil which is ‘freckle coloured’, lets all embrace our freckles natural or not and free our inner hippy.


Go for a carefree look with salt spray spritzed locks, natural skin and light make up. If you want to get a confidence boost to your natural beauty try getting an LVL eyelash treatment. This is basically where you get your eyelashes permed & tinted, and it makes them so lovely & long. I would recommend this for summer, but don’t get it too regularly as it may damage your natural lashes if done too often.

M-127  M-100  M-122


Make up – Alice Martin

Photography – Clare Coulter

Model – Storm

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