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8 Apr

How to be a statement bride…


Not every bride wants to look the same.

Especially on what is going to be one of the most important days of your life.

So how do you go about avoiding the ‘traditional’ bridal, to make your mark as a unique bride on your big day? It is easy to get drawn into the ‘safe’ categories for your big day, I did it a lot myself for my wedding day.


Everything from table plans, to your wedding dress can end up being a variation of different peoples opinions, often your creative ideas go in the back burner, because someone commented it may look out of place or not match that other thing. Or simply, you are just scared to go outside the ‘traditional wedding’ box. I had lots of little bits and bobs that made my day special to me. I don’t know if anyone else noticed them, but I knew they were there. So you do not need to go crazy eccentric to make your wedding day your own. I was overwhelmed with ideas & I did make a lot of them happen.

For decor I had giant circle balloons for my photographs, I had sequin table cloths, bird cages decorated with gypsophila & candles in the middle, my table plan was a ornate gold picture frame, which I had changed into a table plan.

For my own styling I had quite a simple elegant A-line silk dress, my accessories (hairband, sash etc) were by a company called Bella Brilla – these are all handmade and they were all so intricate, sparkly and pretty. I wore Jimmy Choo shoes & had a champagne coloured clutch bag. My styling was very simple but elegant, and I based it on the dress I wore because when I was trying dresses on, that one just really suited me. My bouquet was champagne and blush peonies.


So, if you want to be a statement bride, here is how to make your own mark on your big day..

  1. Establish what styles you like and figure out what suits your venue. (My venue was a castle, so the classic look worked well and matched the castle decor.)
  2. Try to pick some statement pieces ie. unusual shoes, statement jewellery, bold bouquet..
  3. Choose your dress and then choose your accessories to match the style of your dress (ie. boho)
  4. When choosing colour scheme, think of the season of your wedding and what will suit everyone, there are some colours that don’t suit fair/tanned skin etc. so just be wary of this.
  5. Go with your instincts, you may need to be decisive and choose some ideas and not others, if you have a budget, you can easily go over budget with lots of little bits and bobs, reign yourself in and sacrifice the things that won’t be as important to you.
  6. Do not sacrifice things such as photography, make up, hair or video, for something like table plan/ table cloths. You may really want these things, but after your big day which flies by super quickly, the only thing you have left is the memorabilia of your day.


Photographs – Ivory Pictures

Make up – Alice Martin Make up

Model – Victoria Middleton

Head Piece – Bella Brilla

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