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28 Oct

Mad Max 5 Wives

In the movie Mad Max the character Immortan Joe has five wives whom he has hand picked for breeding.  The women are beautiful with no mutations and are considered princesses of the post apocalyptic world that they now live in.

We decided to re create one of the five wives named ‘The Dag’.  Similar to our Khaleesi look this character is quite easy to do.  If you have a few halloween parties this year and don’t have time to put together another elaborate outfit then this one is perfect for you.   All you need to do is recycle your khaleesi wig and buy some cheese cloth.

For the wig all we did was remove the braids and positions strands of hair to hang over the face, easy as that.

Makeup wise there isn’t much to it.  You want the eyes to look sore so use a terracotta eyeshadow and blend it all over and under the eye area.  The skin needs to appear dirty and oily.  To do this scrape off some brown eyeshadow into a dish spray a big stippling brush with fix plus by MAC (or even just water) and stipple it all over the skin, smudging it with your hand as you go.  Then get some vaseline and use a sponge to smear it all over the body.  This will make the skin look oily.

For the outfit buy some cheap cheese cloth.  We literally tore it into three parts to create the top, botton and neck scarf.  We would suggest using a strapless bra and wrapping the fabric around to make your top.  You can use some safety pins to hold it in place or if you want to you could also stitch the edges onto your bra.  The bottom half was again wrapped round and tied at the side.  We tore off a long strand and tied it around the neck.

Wig– https://www.amazon.co.uk/Princess-Beige-Blonde-Costume-Cosplay/dp/B00WIL20X4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475571585&sr=8-1&keywords=khaleesi+wig

Cheesecloth– https://www.amazon.co.uk/Regency-Natural-Cheesecloth-Canning-Straining/dp/B001B14ODG/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1475571628&sr=8-6&keywords=cheesecloth

This outfit was so easy to put together and definitely doesn’t require any expertise, perfect for anyone in a rush or with a limited budget.

We hope you liked it!




Alice Martin
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