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16 Nov

Body Confidence

So we have been working on a great project called ‘I am Curve’ Started by Mo who is with us for this interview which sums up some of the ideas behind the project. Mo has already been on STV, BBC radio & in the papers talking about her project.

Myself and Alice were really keen to be involved in something which helps promote body positivity & realistic body goals for women. For years I have worked with everyone from different backgrounds, ages, weight & everyone has the same thing in common. Women obsess over their bodies. I can’t remember one person who I have photographed without something they are desperate to hide or want removed on photoshop. There is no money to be made from ladies loving their bodies & I think years of companies profiting from women’s insecurities has taken its toll on everyones confidence.

I would love to see more diversity in the modelling industry, so that people can look at the models and have an idea what body issues are normal. I have met very few women without a little bit of muffin top or cellulite, without lumps & bumps. It would be good for people to see not only the super slender & toned ladies (hats off to them for their hard work & perseverance to stay in that shape!) Personally I would love to see all body types represented to try to now fix some of the damage done to women who’s expectations for their bodies are way too high. I feel like I have been complicit in creating this body image, because people come to a shoot wanting to look like the models in the magazines & I have always felt so desperate to give people the confidence boost that they deserve, that they often can’t physically achieve without a bit of skin softening etc.

Body confidence for me would mean myself and other women looking in the mirror & seeing all the great things about ourselves rather than focusing on just the bad. Body confidence would be admiring others beauty without wondering why you don’t have longer legs, leaner thighs, bigger bust or more toned abs.


Morgan – “Body confidence, for me, is happiness and to be at peace with yourself. It is acceptance. This happiness radiates and can influence others. This is my aim – to influence those who have insecurities about their body and to make them appreciate their beauty. I have struggled with my body and only found liberation through curve modelling. Seeing images of curve models in lingerie campaigns inspired me to accept my beauty and this is why we have chosen to do a lingerie shoot. The purpose of a lingerie shoot is to promote body confidence. I aspire to inspire others to have belief that they are truly beautiful no matter what size.

Featuring a Scottish team and lingerie brand, this editorial proclaims that curve models can star in editorials in Scotland, something that rarely happens. We have created this shoot to call on the Scottish industry to represent a diverse range of body types. We hope the industry will listen and accept.

I am curve. I am me.”



“For me body confidence is looking in the mirror and loving yourself for who are.  It is accepting that you are beautiful and seeing the beauty in others.  We live in a society that is forever searching for perfection, for something that doesn’t exist.  None of us are perfect it is our imperfections that make us unique, that make you stand out from the crowd.

If you aren’t happy in your own skin then you will always hold yourself back.  Don’t let society dictate to you how you should look.  Be healthy and be happy and stop being so hard on yourself.

You do not need their approval to be you.  You are you own definition of beauty.”

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