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8 Jan

Angelina Jolie Makeup look

Our look today is inspired by one of Hollywoods most iconic and beautiful woman Angelina Jolie.

Angelina has a very unique look, her lips are almost as famous as her. Angelina, once bullied and teased about the size of her lips, turned this into her defining feature.

She keeps her make up looking natural and she is hardly ever seen without her eyeliner and mascara. Angelina has her make up mostly focused on her eyes and keeps her eyeshadows neutral & similar to her skin tone. Her eyeliner is always done in a ‘cat eye’ shape to enhance her eye shape further. As her eyes are round, this elongates them to make them appear wider too.

On her lips Angelina’s make up artist has said she rarely puts bright or dark lipstick on Angelina’s mouth, preferring taupe or neutral colors. That’s largely because her lips are already so beautiful and large. So we kept our look today neutral, although every now and then she goes bold, wearing bright red lipstick, for awards shows or film premieres. But it’s the exception, and you almost never see her wearing dark or bright lipstick in casual wear.

Angelina is also well known for her beautiful fair complexion, you never see her with a fake tanned look. This is rather refreshing to see a celebrity really centre their look around beautiful dewy, pale & healthy skin.

If you want to style yourself like Angelina too, then be sure to invest in some LBD’s (little black dresses) as Angelina is always spotted in these on the red carpet.

Angelina’s whole look is simple, elegant & inspiring so we hope you enjoy our tutorial with our Angelina Lily-Anna!


Clare & Alice xoxo

Alice Martin
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