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11 Feb

Eyebrow transplant & cut crease tutorial

Full eyebrows are the craze at the moment, but we can’t all achieve this naturally and for some of us we over tweezed and ruined our natural brows.

There are so many options on the market now for getting a fuller brow look, including eyebrow make up (thank you brow god Anastasia), tattoos, micro blading and now best of all of them an eyebrow transplant.

Beautiful Aussie/Italian Antonella had recently had this eyebrow transplant and then decided to start working for the company between their Scottish clinic and more recent Milan clinic, we had to try and catch up with her to find out all the details about her treatment.

Vinci says:

“People don’t realise how much effect eyebrows have on facial features until they see a person without them, or with visible eyebrow hair loss. An eyebrow transplant can improve facial apperance by implanting your own hair into the eyebrow area, the hairs look exactly the same as your eyebrows would if they were naturally thicker.

Hair is removed from a suitable donor site and transplanted to create naturally looking eyebrows. Our hair loss restoration team are experts at creating exactly the right angle for growth and the procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia.

What Results Can You Expect From An Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow TransplantDue to the relatively small area that needs to be covered for an eyebrow transplant, with correct planning and designing a eyebrow hair transplant can achieve the maximum possible aesthetic effect.

After the eyebrow transplant procedure, usually within a 6 to 12 month time span, the transplanted hairs will have re-grown fully and the shape of the eyebrows will have been restored. The results will be totally natural-looking and permanent.”




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