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3 Nov

Grunge makeup Tutorial with Mo

Although grunge style is synonymous with the '90s, it is still a look that can be translated into every day life.  90’s makeup is back and is more wearable now than ever. Who couldn’t love the 90’s, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were still a couple. Drew Barrymore was killing the whole fashion thing and Courtney Love was rocking the smudged, I just rolled (literally) out of bed look.   Women like Helena Bonham Carter and the Olsen twins carry a certain mystique about them. They are dark, mysterious and yet beautiful at the same time. Forget about perfect flicks, original grunge is where its at. We thought we’d do a quick grunge inspired makeup look for you on our beautiful model Mo. Watch...
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16 Jun

Current favourite Highlighters

"Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart" -Kahlil Gibran Lets talk highlighters! First of all, highlighting and strobing are the same thing. Don’t let the beauty industry confuse you, strobing is a term used by big beauty brands to re promote the concept of highlighting, both get the same result. Stobing or highlighting, whatever you want to call it has just gone crazy recently with most high end and drugstore brands bringing out their own version. There are also many different extremes of highlighting. On one hand there’s the summer beach radiance ‘I woke up like this’ glow and on the other ‘I’ve just buffed my entire face with a floor polisher’ kind of splendor. I love makeup...
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3 Jun

Prom makeup tutorial

It feels like a lifetime ago since I was getting ready to go to prom. I remember the excitement of getting ready, going to the school and seeing everyone all dressed up in their ball gowns, suits and kilts.  I loved prom and would go back to relive it in a second.  We had the lovely model Storm back in the studio recently and as I'm doing Storm's prom makeup we all thought it would be fun to film her trial. Storm had sent us some references for her makeup which is always a great idea when you are having your makeup done for a special occasion.  Makeup can be quite a personal thing and often your client has something specific...
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